We are building
The Metaverse One voxel at a time Chunk

A world where your collectibles can write their own storyline. Fighting goblins, looting camps or even questing.
Welcome home !

Next goal :

Go multichain

Release Chunk Gen2
36 new Chunks on another EVM blockchain we have yet to choose


64 handcrafted pieces of a bigger world. Each of them are made of 64x64x64 voxels carefully placed to create a unique kingdom which covers different biomes. We believe NFT collectors deserve a project that respect the purest form of art and fun – one which is 100% original and without any reused art. My friend, welcome home.


Explore a world built in voxels – yeah, those cubes ! We aim to create a fun game to play, and then to turn it into the ultimate Metaverse experience. One voel at a time. Create your character, run through the greeny grass and fight your way to the top.


What would be a project without a roadmap?

  • Release Chunks on other blockchains
  • Chunkies ! A game isn’t one without characters
  • Implement web3 in-game
  • Include more partners in-game
We want you !

Meet our Partners