Enroll your Chunky in the Kingdom's Battle

The Chunkies are 3,333 characters living in the Chunk Kingdom. They are 3D models NFTs made from colorful voxels encrypted in the Fantom blockchain. The Chunkies all carry different helmets, armors, shoes, and accessories in addition to being part of the different factions from the Chunk Kingdom. They are experts at farming resources, grinding monsters, and collecting loots to become stronger…

Life was peaceful for our little voxel guys. It was all too easy until something unexpected happened…

A malevolent form of witchcraft took over the Chunk Kingdom by storm. All the citizens ran away from the goblins pillaging their village. They’ve been buffed by the purple wizard. An old mage who chose destruction over redemption.

The mage’s council has been reunited, and is unanimous:

The Chunkies will fight back!



Enroll your own army by recruiting new Chunkies to your side. They are all built with different traits, our Chunkies are truly unique !



The Chunks are only an overview of the world.  Choose your favorite Chunky, gear up for adventure and explore the Chunk Kingdom!



Goblins, golems and zombies have taken over the Chunk kingdom. Fight back by playing the demo of our 3D game. 

3,333 Chunkies will join the fight

~2,914 Chunkies will be minted (Mint price will be revealed closer to launch)

~85 Chunkies will be used to promote the project

~ 192 Chunkies will be given to our ChunkLords (3 Chunky per Chunk) plus a bonus from the B2E of the last Chunk

190+ different 3D assets from 5 traits

All the Chunkies are different. They are built from a variety of handmade assets with varying rarity. Here’s a glimpse at how your Chunky geared up. 

  • Character: Representing the faction of your Chunky. Where does he live? In the dark and silent space? At a lovely seaside beach? Or does he carve stone paths in the deep depth of the Kingdom?
  • Helmet: Protecting your Chunky from deadly hits. Who am I kidding? A cool helmet is the ultimate flex!
  • Armor: The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. Take it with you now, thank us later
  • Shoes: Better have some good ol’ boots to explore the huge world in front of you
  • Accessories: Rare bling-bling things Chunkies carry as relics

Explore the Chunk Kingdom

Fight evil goblins with your Chunkies by playing the demo of our game.

Explore the Kingdom of Chunk, level up your character, and collect resources to bring justice to the voxel world.

Be the first to uncover hidden runes, and claim free Chunkies for your archaeological talent.

The demo will be playable by everyone! No Chunky needed. This is a preview of what the game will look like, and yes, to access the game at launch, you’ll need to have a Chunky in your wallet.

The demo will be playable *before* the public mint for our Chunkies