No more boring generative NFTs

Chunk NFT is 64 handcrafted pieces of a bigger world. Each of them are made of 64x64x64 voxels carefully placed to create a unique kingdom which covers different biomes. We believe NFT collectors deserve a project that respect the purest form of art and fun – one which is 100% original and without any reused art.

My friend, welcome home.

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See what’s on the right ? That’s one Chunk you can get. Once minted, your Chunk will appear as a 3D island you can explore.

Zoom in, zoom out, rotate… try to find some hidden secrets.

And most importantly: have fun in your very personal world!

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Oh wait.

We have a Hollywood style trailer!



We are creating a kingdom made of 64 chunks in a 8×8 grid. Each chunk is made of 64x64x64 voxels. Our chunks are 100% unique and they are handcrafted (creating a chunk takes about 4 hours). They are inspired by several other projects and video games: Wynncraft, Pokemon, Zelda Breath of the Wild…


We will launch the collection. 56 chunks will be available from day one. Chunks will *not* be randomly minted: you can choose your very own island on the FTM NFT marketplace. Which leaves us with 8 chunks. 1 for the founder team (Yes, we are one), 3 for the 3 projects/organisations/people that helped us the most – we wouldn’t have a chance to make it without them. And finally 4 to reward those who believed in us from day 1.


We are launching a few contests and events so everybody can get their hand on a chunk. Can you create a wallpaper out of chunks ? What about a profile picture ? Maybe you can even 3D print them and use them in the real world – not that it will matter long term…


We will tell a story. Every kingdom has its own lore. Including fun – and sometimes scary – events telling its history. If you want to understand what happened to Chunk and why the kingdom has been separated in pieces… this part is for you.


We will create a community based on Chunk. A fun place for you to hangout and meet like minded people… If you’re a a developer or an artist… you may find your complementary. And yes, you don’t need to *own* a chunk to take part in this adventure. And if you do… Expect some surprises.


We may have some more ideas. A kingdom without citizen isn’t a kingdom… Maybe you can guess where this is going. Some of these inhabitants *could* be sailors… and maybe there’s more to discover around the cube. Expansion is coming and will be discussed with our Chunkies (you).


You ! Maybe we can gather enough ideas and go full circle (square) and reinvent Minecraft in the Metaverse. We will make a partnership with a Metaverse so you can flex your Chunk in your own private land. Inception coming.

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