The world has been cut in chunks...

Each chunk is a 3D object made of 64x64x64 voxels we’ve handcrafted with love. Each chunk is a unique piece of art you can explore in 3 dimensions. Memes, references and fun. You name it, search it and you find it!



Every chunk has a few secrets you can only find by playing with it. Circle around, rotate, zoom in and out: uncover unique mysteries.



With 100 chunks, you’ll find your true love. They are all created equal, we promise… However, you are free to price them as you want!



Get your own chunk of the world.  3D print your chunk, add it in a video game or set it as your profile pictures. The world is the limit!

Connected map

Don’t miss the bigger picture. While chunks are cool, a whole world is even cooler!

Think plains biome are worth more than lava biome? You determine the rarity!

For fun, some chunks share attributes (Mario Bros green pipes, pixel arts…), making them a pair.

Claim your chunk and let the game begin!

What do they look like ?


3D file access

Most NFT share a small video of their 3D assets, at chunk we believe you deserve 100% ownership.

This is why you get access to every file we used to create your personal NFT. Even better you can edit those files to accommodate the chunk however you want out of the blockchain…

… and of course, take colorful pictures of it!

Find how to edit your chunk in our docs.


Some secrets you may uncover while exploring...


The time has come...